WordsofFiction.co.ke, is the online subsidiary of Mr Trapp’s Words of Fiction Bookstore – a wholesaler of books enterprise, that is in the business of the importation of quality used books – primarily from the UK.


Quality control, is extremely important to us. As such, all the books that we import, are subjected to a thorough assessment process at source, and it is only those that are deemed to be in very good condition, are selected for shipment to us. Similarly, when the books arrive at our warehouse, they are once again carefully checked during the sorting process, with a view to remove any damaged or defaced books that may inadvertently been overlooked by our suppliers. This ensures that all the books we offer to our clientele, are of the highest quality, with minimal creasing, and devoid of discolouration.

However, should any damaged or defaced book purchased by a buyer be found to have eluded our scrutiny, we will gladly either:

(a) replace the book with another of the same title (if available),

(b) substitute the book with another of the buyers choice (of similar value) or

(c) refund the buyer the amount paid for the original book –  plus delivery cost in each instance.

As testimony to the high acceptance rate of our books, we have retained as valued customers, a cross section of individuals, retailors and institutions such as private schools and private libraries.


Childrens Books:


At Words of Fiction, we pride ourselves, as having the most comprehensive assortment of children’s books in the market. As we import all of our children’s books exclusively from the UK, the English contained within the books, is therefore the British English. While the majority of the books that we buy were preowned, all of the bumper Activity, Sticker or Colouring books on offer are new.


The age brackets provided alongside the different categories of books, are at best guidelines for those wishing to place orders with us. However, parents, teachers and home schoolers will have to use their discretion, based on the aptitude and reading skills of the individual child(ren) in their charge, when placing orders with us.


Our Story


Our enterprise, was founded on the ethos of to do good, and to make a positive impact. We do not believe that books which would otherwise be destined for the landfills or recycling, should be read only once, or have a single owner.


We endeavour to share the love of literature by re-reading and re-using books. To this end, you will find that at Words of Fiction, there is something for everyone from the youngest to the oldest – and better still, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, since the price of our books is the most competitive in the market – by far!


Our Purpose


We are a circular economy, for profit business, that is geared to enhance the culture of reading and by extension literacy, by facilitating more books to be re-used.


Our Vision


To be the leading importer and seller of high quality used books in Kenya, while helping our clientele to re-use and recycle books for less through innovation and technology.


Our Mission


Our mission is to increase the quality and literacy levels in Kenya, by facilitating individuals-young and old- and communities, to access, read and understand books, and to extend the life and impact of books, by decreasing book waste and increasing book ‘readcycling’.