(a) Individual buyers:

To order books, please follow these simple steps:

      • Select the product and add to your cart
      • If you would wish to buy additional products, continue shopping while adding to cart
      • Once you have all the products that you wish to buy in the cart, Go to Checkout at the top far right of your screen.
      • Fill in your details.
      • After correctly filling in your delivery details, select Place Order
      • Complete/ finalize your order. You will receive our e-mail, with an order number and order details.
      • Our team will contact you to confirm the order and delivery details.


For help in placing an order, please contact 0706897296 / 0722408431.


(b) Bulk/Institutional buyers

For ease in compiling and placing large orders, bulk buyers will place DIRECT ORDERS by following these easy steps:

      • Select and list the books required, indicating the category, title and author of each book.
      • Forward the completed list of books via Whatsapp to 0706897296/0722408431
      • Await confirmation via Whatsapp, of availability of book(s) from Words of Fiction together with the amount payable.
      • Effect payment of amount payable by M-pesa using Till No 5016367
      • Confirm your preferred delivery option of those listed hereunder.


However in the event of a loss of networking or other adverse challenges in placing an on-line order as indicated in (a) above, individual buyers may instead opt to place a DIRECT ORDER.

It is the policy at Words of Fiction, that all books must be paid for, prior their leaving our physical store.


Shipping / Delivery


As a matter of policy at Words of Fiction, we do not factor in the cost of delivery of books to the price of our books.


This is so as to safeguard our objective of offering our clientele, the most competitive prices in the market on the one hand, as well as to encourage them to buy several books per purchase with a view of saving on the delivery costs on the other.


Accordingly, we offer the following delivery options for books purchased online from us:


      • The buyer may instruct us by effecting payment of the appropriate delivery fee (i.e either Kshs. 200 for delivery within the Nairobi CBD or Kshs. 300 for Nairobi County residential areas), alongside their purchase order, to dispatch one of our partner riders to deliver their book(s), however, deliveries beyond the Nairobi County borders will attract additional fee as per Bolt app fee structure.
      • The buyer may send his/her rider to collect their book(s).
      • The buyer is welcome to visit our physical store which is located along Addis Ababa Rd, Ind. Area to collect his or her book(s).
      • For books purchased by buyers outside of Nairobi, the buyer may request us to deliver their books, to a parcels services office of their choice and to also pay the delivery fees on their behalf.


Our delivery options for purchases made are as follows:


      • At Words of Fiction, we partner with a select group of 5 reliable riders stationed strategically on Addis Ababa Rd where we are located. In order to facilitate an optimum and organized delivery service, our preferred  delivery option is the NEXT DAY (morning) delivery for all books purchased and paid for on a given day. This option affords us the time to organize and dispatch our partner riders to the respective destinations, in a coordinated and timely manner.
      • Deliveries will be made within the same day to parcels services offices, in respect of purchases made by those residing outside of Nairobi, provided that they are made and paid for between 8.00 am and 1.00 pm.


Confirmation will be communicated by phone, once the books have been dispatched, & when the delivery would be ready for collection.


To follow up on orders, please reach us on 0706897296 / 0722408431.


M-Pesa Payment


To pay for book purchases via M-Pesa, please follow the steps below:


      • Go to M-Pesa.
      • Lipa Na M-Pesa
      • Pay Bill
      • Business Number: 522533
      • Account Number: 7598394
      • Enter amount.
      • Enter your M-Pesa P.I.N.